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Man Getting Botox


Botox was first FDA approved to help treat chronic headaches in patients. When administered between the eyes, in the forehead, in the temples, and in the jaw muscles, Botox can have a profound effect on the pain caused by headaches. Botox works by relaxing the hyperactive muscles and giving our patients relief from these aches and pains. At North Court Family Dentistry, we offer a complimentary consultation to allow our patients to understand their specific needs.

We also use a combination Botox and/or Lidocaine in the Trapezius muscles to aid with "Trigger Points." Trigger points are areas that when activated, cause pain in neighboring areas in the body (usually the face or teeth). When these areas are relaxed, our patients receive profound relief from pain they have been experiencing. 

Botox in the Masseter Muscles, or the "jaw muscle" can improve problems associated with Bruxism (commonly known as clenching or grinding). When this muscle is relaxed, patients are unable to clench with as significant of a force. This helps to  prevent damage to their teeth and give relief to facial pain and headaches.



Most lines on the face are caused  by the repetitive creasing and folding of the skin by underlying muscles which originate on bone and insert on skin or soft tissue. Botulinum works by binding to the nerve ending and blocking the transmission to the muscle. By relaxing selected muscles we are able to allow skin to “recover." This relaxation improves the look of "wrinkles" on our patients' faces and improves the esthetics. 

If you're interested in scheduling a Free Botox Consultation, Click Here.

Botox for Pain and Esthetics
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