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Post Op Care


Post-Operative Care Instructions

Your new fillings are fully hardened before you even leave the office; however, it is wise to chew on the opposite side of the mouth from the location of the newly placed filling(s) until the anesthetic has fully worn off. One of the most common problems following filling placement with anesthesia is an incorrect bite. If your bite feels uneven please call our office so we can get you scheduled for a quick adjustment. 


Local Anesthesia

  • When anesthesia has been used, your lips, teeth, and tongue may be numb for several hours after the appointment. 

  • Avoid chewing until the numbness has completely worn off. It is easy to bite or burn your tongue or lip while numb. 

  • Refrain from eating for at least 2 hours and/or until the anesthesia has worn off. 

  • You may experience discomfort in your gum tissue or jaw muscle where your anesthetic was injected. 

Pain Management

  • You may take any over the counter pain reliever for tenderness or discomfort. Taking aspirin, Ibuprofen 600mg or Extra Strength Tylenol 500mg should be sufficient, unless you are allergic to these medications or have a medical condition that would prevent you from taking these medications. 

  • This will help with any soreness at the injection sites where your anesthetic was administered. 

  • It is normal to experience some hot, cold, and pressure sensitivity after your appointment. Hot or cold sensitivity may linger for several weeks after the placement of the fillings. Usually, these symptoms will subside over time. 

If you have any questions or need a simple adjustment, please call us at (740) 474 3861. 

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